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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


If you think about planet earth as an organism, then the relationship between the planet and life is a commensalism. According to biology, commensalism the relationship between two living organisms, where one organism benefits and the other is neither harmed nor helped. Planet earth is our home, but the problem is that we did not build it. The planet existed before any form of life. Life on earth is like a stubborn and chronic herpes infection that refuses to go away. The planet happens to possess a very strong magnetic field that makes it favorable for us to evolve and survive. Since life is a survival, we keep on surviving on earth. DNA keep dividing and replicating and life goes on. What never ceased to amaze me is the stubbornness of life. The way it has refused to die or stop existing. The way it has survived millions of years is noting short amazing. The instinct to not want to die or stop existing has been with life for ever. Since the time when humans, animals or even viruses have not evolved, nucleotides did stuffs that show this instinct. First they formed strands of nucleotides that fit to make themselves longer and stronger, then they replicates so they may have so many of them. If anything happen to some of them there are others to continue life, so that eventually humans might evolve. There is power in number. Then if you look at viruses, they’ve perfected a ways to keep their kind out of extinction; it’s called mutation. They change as their environment changes. Especially the HIV and the flu virus are so flexible it makes it hard for us to kill them. Humans invent guns and medications to keep our lives running. Not only do individuals not want to die, we as human race are horrified at the thought of going into extinction like the dinosaurs. The instinct to survive is part of our make. Life is a hustler.