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Monday, May 3, 2010


I found myself thinking alot about Nigeria lately. With the 2011 election coming up, what Nigeria needs is good leadership. It doesn't matter where the leader comes from, we need a leader who is strong and patriotic. Nigeria has a chronic leadership problem that needed to be solved first before the nation can progress anywhere. We need a devoted leader that can tackel corruption that has almost become synonymous with the name "Nigeria." We need leaders that will be loyal to the nation and not their own pocket. Only after this can the nation move forward. Nigeria is the most populous black nation. We have over 150million people. We have the human power in number, we just need to harness it like China is doing. I've heard that one in every six black person is Nigerian, same as around one six human being is Chinese. We need to make the nation work and shut-up irresponsible people who are calling for the nations separation.