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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just a Gloomy Look at LIFE


There is no complete happiness in this life

No matter how successful we get

We always want more

So, what is the point of success?

Why do we struggle each day?

It’s an innate instinct to never quit

Always struggle and hustle

Until the day we die


Life is like a race

Only there is no finish line

We all start from the same starting line

Yeah! Right from the blast of the whistle

From the day we are born

We start racing!

We might stop to catch our breath

Or take a sip of water now and then

But, do we ever really stop running?


One success leads to another struggle to keep that success

Until that day that we cant struggle no more

That is where the only rest lies

In the graves, or in heaven if we make it there

It is therefore true that, “Ojo iku lojo isimi”

Retirement is in death


This is a rich man’s world

And life is a bitch, but it’s all we’ve got

Love helps us deal with life’s pain

But when Love fails, life overtakes and punishes us

Life’s struggle is like a race against a vacuum

You better keep running, or you’ll get sucked back in

Sometimes, life could feel like a punishment