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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nigeria’s ten most memorable top classic games

10) 2008 Olympic loss:- Argentina got their revenge on Nigeria in the 2008 Olympics. In 1996 Nigeria had won the Olympic gold by beating 3-2 in the final. This time it was Argentina’s turn to break the heart of super eagles fans, when Messi and co beat Nigeria 1-0
9) For number 9 I put together all the matches that led Nigeria to miss a place in the 2006 world cup. Nigeria as been at every world cup since 1994 and the super eagles’ fan are used to seeing them at the world cup. So, missing out on the 2006 world cup was a big deal.
8) This match was another heartbreaker. Nigeria’s hope in the world cup was dashed unexpectedly by Denmark. We had went past Spain in the opening round and hadn’t take Denmark very seriously.
7) Fourteen years after hosting and then winning the nation’s cup for the first time Nigeria became champions of African again in 1994 by beating Zambia 2-1.
6) Nigeria won this match to grab the gold at the Atlanta Olympics
5) Nigeria wins the Nation’s cup for the first time in 1980 by beating Algeria 3-0
4) Nigeria had surprised the world by reaching the round of 16 in their world cup debut, but were beating by Italy in this match in extra time.
3) Nigeria conquered Spain 3-2 in the 1998 world cup
2)In year 2000 Nigeria host the ANC again. This time in conjunction with Ghana. Nigeria got to the final with Cameroon and came back from a 2-0 deficit to tie the match and went to penalties only to loose to Cameroon in one of the most controversial penalty kicks in the history of African football.
1) I believe few people would argue with this number one most memorable match. it’s the semis in Atlanta Olympics and Nigeria is down 3-1 to world champion and the favorite team to win the Gold, Brazil. It was nothing short of a miracle when Nigeria shocked the world of football by coming back and beating Brazil 4-3. It was a final in a semi-final.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

11 top Countries with Muslim Populations

1) Indonesia: 207,105,000 (88.2%);

2) Pakistan: 167,430,801 (95%);

3) India: 156,254,615 (13.4%);

4) Turkey: 70,800,000 (99%);

5) Egypt: 70,530,237 (90%);

6) Nigeria: 64,385,994 (45%);

7) Iran: 64,089,571 (98%);

8) Algeria: 32,999,883 (99%);

9) Morocco: 32,300,410 (99%);

10) Afghanistan: 31,571,023 (99%)

11) Saudi Arabia: 26,417,599 (100%)

This is interesting Nigeria have more muslims than countries like Iran, Saudi arabia, Afghanistan, Algeria and Morocco. Nigeria even have more Muslims than Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan combined.