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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Ache in my tooth

So I've been having this toothache for about two weeks and I've managed to keep the pain under wrap with Advil. That is until Wednesday morning when I woke-up at 4am with the most horrible pain I've ever felt in my life. I was almost in tears as I roll around the bed in totall agony for hours untill I can get hold of a dentist in the morning. I picked up the a phonebook a turned the page in hurry to the dentists page. I dailed the first number I layed my eyes on. I needed a dentist, any dentist. it doesn't matter and I dont care as long as he/she can pulled the stupid tooth out. The pain has subsided a little but my head still felt like a church bell was ringing in their. The pain was still unbearable allthough I had just taking Aleve few minute ago. The medication is ineffective. I had dailed three numbers before I could find a dentist that would accept a new walk-in patient with no dental insurance.
"Can you come in at 10:30?" The nice lady on the phone asked as I was contemplating trying another tablet of Aleve.
"Yes Ma'am!" I uncrossed my fingers and breath a sigh of relif. Thank you Jesus, especially because I dont have clinicals today.
Two hours later I was lying on the dentist's chair waiting for the result of the x-ray. The Doctor was probably in his late twenties. He smilled as he streched his hand towards me.
"Mr. Odedere, I am Doctor Andrews." He pronounced my name incredibly well
"Well, we will not be able to save your tooth, will you like me to take it out?"
"I really dont mind, as long as the pain stops" I said, still grimacing
He smilled "I know what you mean. Toothache is no joke. Give me a few minutes."
He stepped out of the room. I sank back into the chair as i get ready to say bye-bye to this tooth that has toutured me for so long.