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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Girl vs Woman

I got this idea from another blog entry I read. I was raised by strong women and about to be married to one. I also grew up among girls, had my first girlfriend at the age 18. In the roughly ten years I spent in the dating world, I have dated girls and women alike. Here is some of the differences I have noticed over the years between the two. Now, being a girl is not a bad thing. All women were once girls, but at some point in life a girl must make the transition into womanhood. The ideal thing is for that point to come sometime in your 20s. If you are 30something and still have most of the attribute I will list below for girls, please kindly take this moment to slap yourself (I am just kidding, its never too late to change). But, seriously age doesn't matter a whole lot here, you can be 45 years old and still have that girl-mentality. In that case, only God can help you out. On the other side, I have seen several 20 year olds with strong woman-mentality. Like I said, age can be nothing but a number. Most of these can be applied to men vs boys also. A woman builds her home, a girl simply just doesn't care. A woman knows her man pretty well, she knows that he is very strong in some areas and she knows his area of weakness also, but she still trust him to lead his house. A girl, well she just has no clue in this matter. A woman knows herself and what she wants, and that does not change easily. A girl is still trying to figure all these out. A woman knows how to have good fun without compromising and disrespecting herself, A girl thinks that everything that is fun to good. A girl mopes around, waiting for her man to read her mind and figure out what her issue is. A woman just tells him what’s going on. A girl plays emotional games, testing a man’s feelings for her. A woman trusts her man’s feelings and is honest about her needs and wants. A woman loves you for through the good and the bad times. A girl has no clue what true love is. A girl is constantly worried about one thing or another. A woman is pretty self-assured A girl constantly compares her man to others. A woman reinforces her man’s manliness. A girl will date a guy just to avoid being alone. A woman spends her alone time working on herself to be the right woman. A woman uses constructive criticism to make her man better, A girl is not sure how that works. A girl’s outfit shows how sexy she is, A woman’s outfit is modest and commands respect. A girl orders a salad. A woman orders a steak, vegetables, AND the salad bar. To a girl, her appearance is the most important thing, but a woman realize that there are things that are more important. A girl has enemies and people she does not speak to, A woman.. just doesn't. A girl cares about herself and herself alone. A woman cares for herself and other people also. A girl calls another girl b**** and fight about petty things. A woman just has more class than that. A girl don't talk to some people who are ‘beneath’ her. A woman displays respect and kindness to everyone. Women do house works, girls don't Girls want to be like and adore celebrities, women don't

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


human being are naturally selfish, i.e We will choose ourself over anybody most of the time. It is one of the basic recipe for survival. Life generally can be selfish. We want to survive my any means necessary, even if that ‘any means’ includes hurting somebody else in the process. it does not matter. It is how life has always been. “Survival of the fittest;” the Tiger mauled and killed the baby gazelle to feed its own cub, The Hunter shot and kill the Mama Tiger (leaving the cubs defenseless) so that his family will not starve, the stronger nation bombed the weaker nation so that its citizen may have cheap oil and the small virus invades the human body, because that is the most suitable place for it to survive. The virus does not care if the body belong to somebody’s mama, uncle, sister or friend. All this shows the selfish nature of life. Only one rule govern life; “survival of the fittest,” If you are among the fittest, congrats! you will survive. If not, only God can help you.

Friday, March 18, 2011


There is one person whose permission I have to have in anything I do, whose judgment or condemnation matters greatly to me. If this person say “no, don’t do it.” I don’t argue, I simply refrain from doing it, and if I do something and the whole world think I am wrong, if he did not argue with me, I could not care less what the whole world think. Therefore it’s what he says that matter. He is my greatest critic, and before you start thinking this is God let me say that its not. For many times I disobey God, but he is the only one, who if I disobey, I will not be able to live with myself. He is my conscience. Our conscience is that thing in us that serves as a check, when we want to act wrongly. Those of us that actually have one that works fear our conscience. It is hard to do wrong if you live with something that will continue to chastise you even more than people will. Some peoples’ conscience is broken. For people like that it is easy to be evil. People like that are psychopaths and sociopaths. They feel no remorse.

Friday, November 5, 2010

lactose intolerance

I wander about the 1st west African to get lactose intolerance. See, most West-African aren't cattle herder. We live in the rain forests (a.k.a jungle), and cattle seems to prefer to eat grasses, which is more prevalent in the Savannah region north of our abode. Therefore we choose to be farmers and hunters. Suites our environment better. Good soil, lots of animals and plenty of rain. This is why our bowel to this day can not adapt fully to milk.
So, imagine this first West-African to get Lactose intolerance. He had travel to a cattle herding society and drank this stuff which seems to be delicious. Now he is stomach is cramping and he is passing gas like crazy.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


So I read an article in Discover magazine about the Boskop Hominids. They are Hominids that lived in southern Africa about 30,000 years ago. What was so special about this hominids was the size of their frontal lobe. It was much larger than ours, which would mean that they have higher IQ than we do. This begs the question; if these hominids were smarter than us, how come they are extinct and we still exist? Apparently, in the world of 30,000 years ago, smarter doesn't mean you survive.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Remember when you are young and still look-up to your parents and they are like gods. It seems like they could do no wrong. Then suddenly you get older and all-of-a sudden discovered that they are actually human, and they make mistakes like everybody else. I remember the first and only time I saw my Dad cry. I was twelve and his sister had just died. I could not comprehend it, that this guy could actually cry like I do when he would whoop me sometimes for bullying my brothers or for tarrying too long on an
errand, when I will branch-off to the soccer field to play with friends.