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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


human being are naturally selfish, i.e We will choose ourself over anybody most of the time. It is one of the basic recipe for survival. Life generally can be selfish. We want to survive my any means necessary, even if that ‘any means’ includes hurting somebody else in the process. it does not matter. It is how life has always been. “Survival of the fittest;” the Tiger mauled and killed the baby gazelle to feed its own cub, The Hunter shot and kill the Mama Tiger (leaving the cubs defenseless) so that his family will not starve, the stronger nation bombed the weaker nation so that its citizen may have cheap oil and the small virus invades the human body, because that is the most suitable place for it to survive. The virus does not care if the body belong to somebody’s mama, uncle, sister or friend. All this shows the selfish nature of life. Only one rule govern life; “survival of the fittest,” If you are among the fittest, congrats! you will survive. If not, only God can help you.

Friday, March 18, 2011


There is one person whose permission I have to have in anything I do, whose judgment or condemnation matters greatly to me. If this person say “no, don’t do it.” I don’t argue, I simply refrain from doing it, and if I do something and the whole world think I am wrong, if he did not argue with me, I could not care less what the whole world think. Therefore it’s what he says that matter. He is my greatest critic, and before you start thinking this is God let me say that its not. For many times I disobey God, but he is the only one, who if I disobey, I will not be able to live with myself. He is my conscience. Our conscience is that thing in us that serves as a check, when we want to act wrongly. Those of us that actually have one that works fear our conscience. It is hard to do wrong if you live with something that will continue to chastise you even more than people will. Some peoples’ conscience is broken. For people like that it is easy to be evil. People like that are psychopaths and sociopaths. They feel no remorse.